Jonathan Aston's Block Pantyhose

jonathan astons block pantyhose     We sort of figured that Jonathan Aston's Block pantyhose would be another example of high-end hosiery, but it turned out that we were mistaking. Though the price wasn't exactly out of this world, these tights don't come cheap, make no mistake about that. The packaging looks decent although we have seen more tasteful pantyhose packages featuring much better graphics, but then again, it's the quality on the inside that matters, right? The Jonathan Aston block pantyhose are made out of a material which is 95% nylon and 5% lycra. The legs are straight, no trace of a shaped heel here, and the seams at the toes are well finished. The seams used in the panty-area are not flat though.

These pantyhose do not feature a reinforced heel: instead, the whole foot is made out of a higher DEN material, and it is part of the overall design of the panty hose, together with an about 2 and a half inch-wide horizontal stripe which is supposed to end up on the wearer's knees once things slip into place.
It is on account of these ornamental stripes that the pantyhose are advertised as 15/40 DEN. The above described stripes are the 40 DEN pieces, while the rest of the leg features 15 DEN material which is slightly shiny thanks to the high nylon content of the fiber.
Now then, we are not really huge fans of the design of these Jonathan Aston nylons as it's featured on the package, and we're even less excited about the actual way the higher DEN stripes line up once the hose are put on. Those stripes seem to land randomly on the leg, more likely under the wearer's knees rather than right over them. The overall effect remains though, so if you happen to like the design (unlike us), don't let that problem turn you away from these pantyhose.

Another cause for slight disappointment was the panty area of the Jonathan Aston Block pantyhose: the panty is not made of the same 40 DEN material as the decorative horizontal stripes on the legs, and it just looks cheap, even more so when one discovers that they feature no lined crotch. These pantyhose are available in black and in marine.
The verdict? If you like the style, go for it. Frankly, we weren't particularly thrilled about these tights to begin with, and they pretty much failed to change our minds.

Jonathan Aston Block Tights - $12.49

Retail Price: $22.49
You Save: $10.00