Jonathan Aston Phantom Pantyhose

jonathan aston phantom pantyhose     If you’re looking for something new, innovative and quite hair-raising, yet old and stylish that will turn heads wherever you go, Jonathan Aston’s creatively titled Phantom pantyhose are the answer. We here at have an affinity for flower and butterfly patterns which are both so delicately feminine, and we also like metallics (if used properly of course), so it’s clear why we just had to pick up these tights. They may not cut it for everyone look-wise, because of the metallic pattern of course, but the metallic touch is a really subtle one on these nylons, and it really works well, combined with the only slightly shiny sub-layer, creating an antique but new impression that works so well with a wide array of outfits.

The base material of these pantyhose features a 30 DEN weight and it is deliciously soft and slightly slippery to the touch: just the way we like it. The pattern in the Antique variant offers a peculiar touch, but once on the leg, all that remains is the caress of the 30 DEN base-layer which is 86% nylon and 14% lycra. These nylons come in two color/shade combinations. Our version featured gold foil on black nylon and it was – as said above – the Antique variant. We can recommend this over the other version (called Storm) but mind you, we did not get the opportunity to review that one as well. We like dramatic patterns and they don’t get any more dramatic than the gold/black one on these tights.

These pantyhose come with a gusset made of the same material as the rest of the tights, albeit in a slightly higher DEN structure. The toes are sandal toes and the panty area is a STW (Sheer to Waist) one.
Everything considered, we thought they were well worth the not-too-cheap €21.9 we had to shell out for them.
Bottom line: these are awesome fashion pantyhose, featuring a look only paralleled by Charnos’ Betty tights which we have also reviewed a while ago.