Jonathan Aston Gartered Pantyhose

Jonathan Aston Gartered Pantyhose     Our regular visitors know that we are fashion hosiery lovers and that intricate hosiery-motifs and appealing designs (especially of the mock-garter kind) are things we simply cannot resist.
Jonathan Aston’s Gartered tights are therefore right up our alley taste-wise, which is frankly a bit surprising, not because of the mock-garters and back-seams which we obviously love as telltale marks of classic hosiery, but because of how this design is achieved. We would never have thought that strict geometric patterns could make such a sensual and feminine look, yet that’s exactly what Jonathan Aston’s designers have achieved with this beautiful piece. The panty area of the tights is as conservative as it can get, yet it’s sensuous and appealing at the same time.

The way the mock garter effect is achieved is just as surprisingly spectacular, not to mention the mock seams going down the back of the leg. The bottom line about the design is that it is extremely refreshing and the fact that it manages to so pleasantly surprise people who deal with quite a number of well-designed, good quality pantyhose on a daily basis, speaks volumes in that respect.

Once removed from the package, it becomes obvious one is dealing with 15 DEN pantyhose, the info on the package couldn’t deny it if it said otherwise (it doesn’t of course). As we have stated in a number of our past reviews, 15 DEN is the “magical” number for us fiber weight-wise, and these pantyhose are spot on in this respect as well. The 92% nylon, 8% lycra composition is another huge mark in the “+”column as well, however we ventured to guess that this information is not correct, since there’s some cotton in the composition of these tights too, which goes into the gusset.
These tights are available in small, medium and large sizes and in two color/shade combinations: black-on-black and black-on-tan. Of these, we obviously recommend the black-on-tan variant, because the effect of the design is so much more dramatic on the tan background.
Jonathan Aston’s Gartered pantyhose cost around $18, but they’re fully worth that money both design and quality-wise.