Jonathan Aston Chained Pantyhose

Jonathan Aston Chained Pantyhose     Just when you thought you have seen everything hosiery design-wise, along come Jonathan Aston’s Chained pantyhose to prove to you that you haven’t even began scratching the surface and that the possibilities out there are truly endless in this respect indeed.
They may have started out as a humorous attempt at quirkiness, but these pantyhose turned out breath-taking beautiful. The chain pattern that hugs the bum and the upper thighs of the wearer and which comes complete with a lock, does not come off as chastity-belt-like at all. In fact, it draws the eyes in irresistibly, and complemented by a whole range of structural details that we here at really appreciate, it makes these pantyhose one of our instant favorites.

For the hosiery connoisseur, it’s obvious from the get-go that these pantyhose are 15 DEN ones, with high nylon content in the fiber, even if she chooses not to read any of the info presented on the package. 15 DEN is the magic number as far as we are concerned and these pantyhose are right on the mark.
The actual makeup of the fiber is 91% nylon and 9% lycra (of course, once again, these numbers are only approximations, since there’s a cotton gusset which obviously adds a bit of cotton to the mix as well).
Jonathan Aston’s Chained tights are available in black-on-black and in black-on tan (meaning that the chain pattern is black on a tan base), of which – as we always do – we recommend the black-on-tan version, which offers much better contrast and which thusly accentuates the sensuality of the design much better.
The waistband of these tights is a deep comfort one, which is completely black. The pantyhose are of the Sheer to Waist variety. Even though the chain design itself seems to define a control top area, the actual weight of the material is the same all-over.

Jonathan Aston’s Chained pantyhose cost around $18. Those truly interested in picking them up will be able to take advantage of various discounts at some of the online hosiery shops out there.