Jonathan Aston Cabaret Pantyhose

Jonathan Aston Cabaret Pantyhose     Due to their general taste in hosiery and quirky designs, Jonathan Aston quickly became one of our favorite hosiery brands here at As far as their Cabaret pantyhose are concerned: we're not going to lie to you, what drew us to these tights was their most obvious feature: the feminine, and highly visual pattern. Designers simply can't go wrong with something like that.
We could've imagined these nylons with a STW top, but the producer had other ideas, so they come with a classic, boxer-style brief. The pattern - which is a playfully twisting and twirling squiggle one - is sheer against a backdrop of semi-opaque higher DEN material. The general visual effect is excellent. It almost looks a bit like a truly extreme tribal tattoo.

Like most of the other designs that we've reviewed, these pantyhose are extremely eye-catching as well. A word of caution for those with fuller leg-curves: due to the intricate pattern, these tights may not be visually kind to your curves, if you're aiming for a slimming effect.
The Jonathan Aston Cabaret pantyhose do not feature a re-enforced toe. They do come with a gusset for better fit, but this is a plain old nylon/lycra blend crotch-panel rather than a cotton one. While cotton gussets are usually considered a sign of quality, some people like nylon gussets, so these tights should be great for them.
Jonathan Aston's Cabaret pantyhose are available in black and in cranberry. We obviously recommend that you choose black, as far as we're concerned, cranberry is just too bland and not particularly suited for the featured pattern.
The material these tights are made of contains fiber which is 95% nylon and 5% lycra.

The bottom line: at $19.50, these pantyhose aren't particularly cheap, but they look great and they do just make the price/quality ratio cut. Don't get the cranberry ones though.