Ibici Concept pantyhose

Ibici Concept pantyhose     What exactly is the concept behind these pantyhose? It’s rather simple: the producer does away with the elastic waistband which tends to cut into the wearer’s waist, sometimes even when the sizing is spot on. There’s no doubt, one of the least comfortable features of pantyhose in general is tied to the waistband. The Ibici Concept pantyhose feature a slightly reinforced, but otherwise invisible area to fulfill the role of the oft-loathed waistband. The problem is though that some hosiery-issues can’t be solved in a plain and straightforward manner. Wearers who don’t have perfectly flat tummies will almost certainly have these pantyhose roll down, and that’s potentially even more annoying than the too-tight conventional waistband.

The Ibici Concept pantyhose are meant to be as subtle as possible once they’re on the legs. They’re classic STWs (Sheer to Waist tights), and they feature ultra-flat seams for added comfort. A peculiarity of these nylons is that they do not feature a T-top, that is: there is no reinforced section on the two sides of the body-seam.
The legs of the pantyhose feature an 88% nylon and 12% lycra structure, with a 20 DEN weight. Once on the legs, the Ibici Concept tights become interestingly coarse. Despite that, the color and the texture remain very even all over the leg.
The toes are sandal toes so the sheerness of the pantyhose remains undisturbed down there.

The bottom line: the Ibici Concept pantyhose are extremely solid STWs and they offer an outstanding prize to quality ratio. They cost around £5 in the UK, and we’re not currently aware if they’re sold anywhere in the US.
Those who wish to purchase such panty hose though, can always take to the internet and buy online in one of the numerous online hosiery shops.