Hue Lacy STW pantyhose

    Hue's Lacy Sheer to Waist pantyhose are basic US-made hosiery. There's nothing particularly special about these pantyhose, yet they manage to offer the wearer high quality at a more than reasonable price. These pantyhose cost $12 and they come two in a package, which means that a pair is only $6. For that much money, the quality is indeed quite outstanding.

Let's start with the negatives though: the seams aren't flat, but they are of a more than decent quality nonetheless. It is a general trend among US hosiery manufacturers that they don't make their seams flat.The sheerness of the 17 DEN material is excellent and once put on, the color and the texture become impressively even. The heels are shaped and – although they do appear to be reinforced when one takes them out of the package – the toes take on the appearance of sandal toes as soon as everything falls into place.

The panty area features a cotton gusset (which is quite an achievement indeed for such a price-range), and reinforcement in what could best be described as a T-top design. The waistband of the pantyhose is quite deep in order to avoid cutting into the wearer's waist, and there is a nice patterned area of similar depth right under it.
The composition of the material is 90% nylon and 10% lycra. Despite the high nylon content, the stretch on the legs seems to be extremely forgiving with those who have a hard time picking the right size.

The bottom line: for this sort of money, Hue's Lace STW pantyhose deliver excellently.
You can wear these tights with just about anything: they're true everyday hosiery for the busy woman.