Hosieree Invisible pantyhose

Hosieree Invisible Pantyhose     Keeping with the theme of ultra-sheer/invisible pantyhose, we’ve managed to get our hands on a pair of Hosieree Invisible pantyhose, and unlike many of the other hosiery items we’ve reviewed on the pages of this website, these are available in the US. After all, Hosieree is a US-based company, although these very tights are in fact manufactured in Italy. That is perhaps the reason why they do not disappoint on any level: they’re beautifully soft, and they feature plenty of stretch, not to mention a slight gloss which looks so awesome on the legs.

As far as structure goes, these nylons are STWs (sheer to waist), featuring flat body-seams, a cotton gusset (replaced by a comfort panel in the case of the larger sizes) and mildly reinforced toes. Right under the waistband, there’s a reinforced finger-band, which we tend to like so we didn’t subtract from the score on account of it.
The overall makeup of the pantyhose is 17% lycra, 80% nylon and 3% cotton (only smaller-size ones come with cotton crotch-panels, the others feature a rear comfort panel), featuring a 10 DENIER weight.
When you get them out of the package, the legs don’t seem particularly long, but the high lycra content allows them to stretch out by quite a bit, which means that you should probably take the sizing on the package quite literally.

When they slip into place on the wearer’s legs, that’s when the Hosieree Invisible pantyhose begin playing to their strengths: they pretty much disappear on the skin, all that’s left of them is a nice sheen. The texture is smooth, unlike that of some of the other such invisible tights we have tried on.

The bottom line: without a doubt, the Hosieree Invisible pantyhose are among the best American nylons out there, even though they’re made in Italy.