Henry Holland Gingham Pantyhose

Henry Holland Gingham Pantyhose     House of Holland are definitely on the same page as Trasparenze when it comes to pantyhose design, and as you probably know, Trasparenze is one of our favorite brands, exactly because of the rich, visually appealing and stylishly classic pattern-designs that they produce. While Henry Holland are in the same league design-wise, their approach is a radically different one.
They intentionally water down their designs, making them much simpler and thusly much more original as well. The Gingham pantyhose we’re currently reviewing are a great example in this sense.

The over the knee criss-cross design and the same pattern used in the panty area do indeed make for an appealing and classic look, as the designer yet again pulls off the classic Henry Holland stunt, turning an age-old classic into a breath of fresh trendiness, seemingly effortlessly.
Although the design is definitely a winner, overall we weren’t particularly impressed by the finer details of these tights. The 88% nylon and 12% lycra composition sounds about right indeed, but the fact that these nylons are only available as a one size fits all option is something quite unforgivable in the world of high-end hosiery. They’re apparently only available in black too, which is OK with us because we can pretty much only imagine such pattern designs in black or black on nude, but others may want to give different colors a go and in this case, they obviously do not have that option.

Other than those shortcomings (size was really an issue for our model), these pantyhose are technically sound: they feature a deep-enough comfort waistband and a cotton gusset.
They cost about $22 though and for that price, we would’ve expected a larger selection of sizes indeed.
The bottom line: the Gingham are typical Henry Holland tights from just about every point of view. Fans of the brand will definitely appreciate them, although they do come with a few rather essential shortcomings.