Henry Holland Bones Pantyhose

Henry Holland Bones nylons     Henry Holland’s limited edition Bones pantyhose have created a bit of a dilemma for us. You see, we know not where to categorize these pantyhose: the design makes them kind of goofy, like some novelty nylons, but their overall quality is the same as that of the usual Henry Holland range of products, and other than the quirky bones design on the front part of the legs there’s nothing even remotely goofy about them.
At the end of the day they make a valuable albeit edgy addition to your wardrobe, so let’s leave it at that. The finish of the Henry Holland Bones pantyhose is matte and it is made with the relatively “standard” 20 DEN material, which features an 83% nylon and 17% lycra composition. These limited edition pantyhose are only available in one color: black. They are extremely stretchy too, so they’re probably a one size fits all creation. The seams are flat and the toes are reinforced and they feature a sheer to waist panty area. A while ago, we’ve received an email requesting information on pantyhose brands which do not feature gussets at all: well these tights don’t.

The design consists of opaque bone-shaped patterns, on the shins, the thighs as well as the pelvic area. These ‘bones’ are only visible from the front though. The problem with the pattern is that when worn with a long enough skirt, it will be difficult to tell exactly what the opaque areas on the front of the Bones pantyhose are aiming to represent.

While they only cost around €17 right now, these pantyhose are limited edition ones, which means that after the producer stops making them, their cost will probably sky-rocket. A nice potential investment for collectors and enthusiasts, and overall a nice pantyhose fashion curiosity.