Hanes Silk Reflections – Soft as Cashmere pantyhose

Hanes Silk Reflections Soft as Cashmere pantyhose     The most notable feature on the Hanes Silk Reflections Soft as Cashmere pantyhose is the panty part which features high-cut legs and a beautiful floral design. Those who like the French-lace panty style will adore the Soft as Cashmere pantyhose and not just on account of the panty-design. These pantyhose are a top-quality product from waist to toe. They "redefine luxury" – according to the company slogan.
The legs of the Hanes Silk Reflections Soft as Cashmere feature 20 DEN material, which is so soft to the touch and which fits so well that the wearer barely notices she has hosiery on. The color is astonishingly even and the texture is soft and sheer – it's actually difficult to believe you have pantyhose on when you put on these nylons.

The heels are fully shaped, the toes are sheer and the seams are flat. The legs feature no patterns whatsoever, but the beautifying effect is still obvious thanks to the high quality fiber used. These pantyhose are made in the good-old US of A by the way, so if you pick these up not only will you do yourself a favor, you will also support the home-front of the hosiery industry.

This brings us to the panty: though it's called a "light control panty", one will barely feel any sort of control-effect at all. Once you put them on, everything slides right into place and the comfort waist-band makes sure things stay that way. The flower-pattern on the higher-DEN panties is breath-taking. Incredibly feminine, the panties are indeed high-cut, which means that the sheer material of the legs will go up high on the hips of the wearer. There's a cotton crotch-panel. The Hanes label sewn into the back shows the wearer where the front and the back of the tights are.
The numbers which define these panty hose are: 20 DEN (in the legs, higher in the panty), 81% nylon, 19% lycra. Hanes obviously failed to include the cotton in the description, which goes into the gusset.

Size-wise these pantyhose are extremely forgiving. Because of the impressive amount of stretch they feature, not picking one that's an exact match is not a deadly sin. At around $10, the cost is decent too. Obviously, that's a lot more expensive than budget hosiery, but the quality and the overall feel is quite a different world too.

Hanes Silk Reflections Luxury Soft Control Pantyhose (0A257) - $8.95

Retail Price: $18.95
You Save: $10.00