Glamour Aloe 20 pantyhose

Glamour Aloe 20 Pantyhose     The Aloe 20 pantyhose from Glamour are only currently available in Europe (Eastern Europe more precisely, even though the tights are made in Italy) so you probably won’t be able to acquire them easily in the US. The reason we decided to review these pantyhose too is that we try to cover as wide an array of hosiery as we possibly can.
The Aloe 20 pantyhose feature a 20 DEN structure, with legs that are semi-matte. What that means is that once the material settles into place on the legs of the wearer, it’ll lend it a nice discreet sheen but it will fall short on drawing stares to the legs the way high-gloss nylons do. The seams are flat and there’s a cotton gusset: must haves for quality hosiery.
The chemical structure of the material is 76% nylon, 20% elastane and 4% cotton (the crotch panel).

The panty area of the Glamour Aloe 20 pantyhose features an exquisite design. It is a higher-den lace-imitation, which features high-cut legs and something of a thong-like touch too.

These pantyhose cost around $5 in Europe, so they’re not expensive at all. That is not to say though that were you able to have them imported somehow you’d be able to get them for the same price.

The bottom line: these are some extremely solid and in the same time hot (beautiful) pantyhose, which are extremely cheap too. They do appear to be of a more than decent quality too.