Givenchy Body Gleamers Pantyhose

Givenchy Body Gleamers Pantyhose     Make no mistake about it: Givenchy's Body Gleamers are a top quality pantyhose range, manufactured in Italy under the Givenchy brand for the US market. While the quality of these pantyhose is beyond doubt, still the first thing that comes to mind about them is the lack of stretch. While it's probably due to the 89% nylon/10% lycra/1% cotton composition, the lack of stretch is a little bit of a turn-off because it means you need to pick the size dead on or you'll end up frustrated. Since not all people (including us) are that great when it comes to picking the correct size hosiery, this little drawback can turn into a rather pesky thorn in the side.

Anyway, the 89% nylon fiber is great news when it comes to sheen: these pantyhose feature an awesome gloss on the legs. The package itself is nicely crafted and the graphics offer a close-to-accurate depiction of the actual product, but they fail miserably when it comes to depicting the glossiness of these pantyhose.
As soon as one removes these nylons from the package, one thing becomes clear: the legs are extremely sheer (20 DEN), extremely glossy and very-very long. You will need that length though when it comes to putting them on, seeing that they hardly stretch at all.
The legs themselves are extremely plain: they feature sandal toes and no patterns whatsoever. They are fully shaped – the sign of high end hosiery. The texture of the legs is a little bit rough, so don't expect one leg to slide off the other when you cross them.
The panty part is quite a favorite of ours: while the Givenchy Body Gleamers feature a control top – something that many ladies out there don't exactly appreciate – these tights feature an extremely shiny panty area which is opaque and is made with 50 DEN fiber. Unlike the legs, the panty area features plenty of stretch, therefore it manages to not be restrictive at all, while keeping everything in place wonderfully. There's a cotton gusset and the waistband is extremely thin, without any kind of patterns or extras.

These tights are available in sizes A-E. Again: pay extra attention when it comes to size-selection with these pantyhose.
The price is reasonable, though not cheap. As far as cost goes, considering the exuberant costs of pantyhose royalty brands, Givenchy's Body Gleamers represent the lower end of the spectrum. They do after all belong to the "Essentials" range.

Givenchy (536) Body Gleamers Shimmery Lycra Control Pantyhose - $10.00

Retail Price: $20.00
You Save: $10.00

Givenchy (537) Body Gleamers Shimmery Ultra Sheer Control Pantyhose - $9.50

Retail Price: $19.50
You Save: $10.00