Girardi Summer Pantyhose

Girardi Summer Pantyhose     Girardi’s Summer pantyhose may cost around $15, and we may be in the middle of the winter right now, but that does not mean we cannot take a little bit of a break to pay homage to some superb ultra sheer pantyhose, which feature a 5 DEN weight, and a slight supple sheen on the legs which will never go unnoticed. Come summer, these pantyhose will quite probably just fly off the shelves, because they are simply awesome. Of course, it is also part of the deal that they are rather frail, but at 5 DEN that is pretty much expected.
As any pair of summer tights, the Girardi Summer pantyhose come with a sandal toe finish, and a cotton gusset.

What is it that makes these pantyhose special? There isn't really any special feature: they are indeed some of the sheerest tights you may ever wear, and the amount of sheen that they feature is just right to make your legs noticeable but to keep them stylish and discreet in the same time.
It almost comes without saying that in this price range, the pantyhose feature flat seams and a sheer to waist panty. The makeup of the fiber is 86% nylon and 13% lycra, and the resulting fabric is indeed delightfully soft, clingy and quite sensual in the way it follows the curves of the wearer. They only come in one color which is called Visone, and which is a kind of a skin color. The lack of more options in this respect is quite a drawback however.

The bottom line: despite the fact that we found nothing wrong with these pantyhose whatsoever, we just feel it's rather difficult to say anything attention grabbing and relevant about them. They're just your usual ultra sheers, which happen to be of outstanding quality… the cost seems right on the spot as well.