Girardi Sceri Mock Holdup Pantyhose

Girardi Sceri Mock Holdup Pantyhose     Who said winter hosiery couldn't be sensual? Whoever did, obviously never knew anything about Girardi Sceri’s mock holdup pantyhose. These 60 DEN tights are second to none when it comes to contrast, pattern and just generally speaking: a masterful design which, with all its pluses, peculiarly enough, failed to impress our reviewers.
We here at love mock holdups - as you can probably tell from the selection of hosiery that we have already reviewed. These pantyhose, despite the fact that they're obviously high-end hosiery, and despite the unusual contrasts that their design generates, came through as a little bit tacky for us. These are pantyhose of the kind that tend to look great on models’ legs but that's about it. Your girl next door will look a bit like she's trying way too hard to impersonate a kinky maid when she puts them on.

When it comes to actual quality however, there is absolutely nothing negative we can say about these tights. The makeup of the material is 86% nylon 13% lycra and 1% cotton, which is indeed generally the recipe for great stretch as well as a superb texture. Straight out of the package, it became obvious that these pantyhose aren't supposed to impress below the mock garter. As far as the actual contrast generated by the floral design, positioned on a sheer see through portion of the leg is concerned, there's not much we can tell you. The attached picture says more than a thousand words. At €32.94, these nylons don't come cheap at all… the exquisite design and the high-end brand do have a reasonable cost though.

The bottom line: while we aren't particularly enamored with these pantyhose, design and quality-wise they certainly make the cut in more ways than one.
Our advice is: if you like the look they generate on the legs, don't hesitate to pick them up. We can guarantee you that you won't regret shelling out more than $40 for them in that case.