Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights

Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights     If you’re looking to turn your legs into shimmery jewelry while staying as comfortable as possible, Gipsy’s Luxury Gloss tights are the answer you’re searching for. These pantyhose take gloss and sheen to another level. Available in black, barely black, copper glow, natural glow and nude, Gipsy’s Luxury Gloss pantyhose are the definition of shiny pantyhose elegance. If you’re itching to draw stares, these hose are great. Being as shiny as they are though, you will have to factor in the lighting at the venue you intend to wear them to. If the lighting is too strong, you risk looking a tad like a futuristic Terminatrix, blinding people and cameras with your legs.

The Gipsy Luxury Gloss tights are Italian made so if you’re looking for European pantyhose, they’ll fit right into the picture.
What more could one ask for in a 10 DEN appearance glossy pantyhose that offers the strength and resistance of a 20 denier hose? That it be STW of course. Well, Gipsy’s Luxury Gloss pantyhose are indeed sheer to waist. They feature shadow toes, so nowhere on the tights is there a particularly visible line of reinforcement.
The yarn that the hose is made with contains 90% nylon and 10% lycra, which explains the high gloss.

If you’re a pantyhose lover, you’ll love putting these tights on. It’s like slipping into some sort of alien wonder-garment which enhances the physical attributes of the wearer greatly. Provided you pick the right size, these hose will fit perfectly.
Quite probably the best thing about them is that they’re pretty cheap considering the level of comfort and sheen they deliver.
They cost around £4-5 in the UK, possibly tad more in the States.
If you love your legs shiny, pick up a pair of Gipsy Luxury Gloss tights now. You won’t be disappointed.