Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Pantyhose     We purchased quite a few pairs of expensive pantyhose lately and the time has come to scale back the review operation a little bit. Gypsy’s Translucent Ultra Sheer pantyhose are definitely budget tights. They only cost about €2.75, which is well in line with our current, rather dire financial situation. Although we have developed quite a taste for high-end expensive hosiery lately, there were several things about the Gypsy Translucent Ultra Sheer pantyhose that we loved. First of all, if you are a returning reader of this website, you probably already know that we like high nylon content in our hosiery. Well, nylon content doesn't get any higher than in these tights: they are 100% nylon. Wait a minute, doesn't have that mean that they don't really stretch at all? It kind of does, but provided you pick up the correct size, you shouldn't have any kind of fit problems with these pantyhose.

Another feature that we loved about these budget tights is at their extreme sheerness: at 7DEN, these pantyhose are definitely among the sheerest we have ever reviewed.
Everything about the Gypsy translucent ultra sheer pantyhose is extremely basic: the toes are reinforced, and the boxer style panty-area doesn't have a gusset.
These pantyhose may not create the best impression of fresh out of the package either, but there is something about handling 100% nylon hosiery anew, even if the package doesn't exactly live up to any sort of standards either. When one pulls these tights out of the box, they’re pretty much guaranteed to be extremely wrinkled and crumpled up, but on the legs, they stretch out nicely and evenly, creating a rather attractive and sensuously shiny texture.
The Gypsy translucent ultra sheer pantyhose come in a wide range of different colors and shades, which means that everyone will find a variant that does indeed match her complexion.
The bottom line: some people will probably hate these pantyhose no matter what we conclude about them. They are after all budget pantyhose. For €2.75 though, the quality and the overall look that they bring to the table are both quite reasonable.