Gipsy Sheer Gloss 15 Pantyhose

Gipsy Sheer Gloss 15 Pantyhose     Colored pantyhose have always belonged to a sort of fringe realm of hosiery for us. The reasons are multiple but most of them have to do with the visual overload that such tights usually create, in the wrong way of course. For some reason, colored hosiery just doesn’t usually seem to feature the sort of sheerness/gloss that we love so much about pantyhose and stockings. They simply do not look “nylony/glassy” enough. They are usually matte, and the lack of sheerness completely kills the sort of 3-D effect that sheer/shiny black/tan nylons create on the leg. Matte colored pantyhose look plastic and sort of cartoony/child-like on the legs, and we simply do not find that appealing in any shape or form.

Enter Gipsy’s Sheer Gloss 15 tights, which cover a wide color range, from dark blue to red, yellow and pink, and forget all the above voiced complaints. These tights mean that finally someone has the right idea when it comes to colored hosiery. Featuring the ideal weight of 15DEN, these tights are shiny, glossy, and they come with a STW panty part and sheer toes. They’re indeed as basic as pantyhose can get as far as their makeup/build is concerned, yet – because they come in such an impressive range of vibrant colors, they seem to break new ground style-wise.
The actual composition of the fiber used in these nylons is as close to what we would call ideal as possible too: 90% nylon with 10% lycra.

The pair we got was yellow (which is sort of a shame, because we would’ve preferred pink), but it offered a great glimpse into how well these fit and how uniform they look once stretched out on the legs. As far as the feeling goes: they’re just basic shiny sheers. In the visual department though, these are awesome!

At a cost of just $8.3, they’re a bargain in every way.
The bottom line: if you’re looking for colored tights that won’t make you look like a 6-year old, these are right on the mark. Superb value for money!