Gipsy Big Spot Pantyhose

Gipsy Big Spot Pantyhose     If you’ve been a reader of this site you probably know all about our "obsession" for polka-dot tights by now. The pattern – when done right – is supremely feminine and extremely easy on the eyes indeed, therefore it has a special sort of appeal to it in our book. The last such pantyhose we’ve reviewed were of a rather expensive kind, and they were indeed quite perfect from every angle.
Not everyone who shares out polka-dot passion may be able to shell out that much money on a pair of tights though, so we felt compelled to take a look at some cheaper polka dot alternatives.

What we came up with are the Gipsy Big Spot Pantyhose. We picked these low-cost nylons because from pictures we’ve seen of them, we could tell the pattern was indeed well sized and spaced.

Well, the saying that "you get what you pay for" is well justified by this product. The pattern is indeed right, and it’s well-made, with clearly defined dots on a 15 DEN base (apparently they only come in black - which isn’t exactly a drawback as far as we’re concerned because we do indeed prefer out polka-dots in black). The actual touch of the nylons fresh out of the package is a bit of a shock for the connoisseur used to high quality hosiery. Straight away, it becomes obvious that something is not quite 100% right about these pantyhose. Apparently, they come in a one size fits all setup, which is OK for everyone who doesn’t have freakishly long legs like our model, but if that is your case, then these nylons simply won’t fit you properly.

Other than that, the quality is about right indeed. At about $12, one can’t expect high-end fit and texture, but despite that these tights do in fact deliver quite well: when stretched out on the legs, the 89% nylon and 11% lycra fabric evens out nicely. Such pantyhose are excellent for a causal night out but they work well with more formal attire as well, creating a stylishly attractive look, guaranteed to draw stares like a magnet wherever the wearer goes.