Giorgio Armani Pantyhose

giorgio armani pantyhose     Everyone has heard of Giorgio Armani, but I'm willing to bet that few people out there knew there were Giorgio Armani pantyhose available. Well, the truth is that if you figured Giorgio Armani made no hosiery, you were right too: the tights sold in Giorgio Armani packages are basically Wolford Neon 40 DEN high gloss pantyhose, which means that if you were expecting outstanding quality on account of the Giorgio Armani brand, you will still not be let down: these Wolfords are at the top of the pops when it comes to quality, durability, aspect and style.
The package in itself is not overly impressive. The graphics are nice and they do offer a nice depiction of the degree of sheen that the nylons possess, but other than that, the whole thing is tad overly simplistic. Once you do away with the package though and you get your hands on the nylons, you're immediately able to tell you're dealing with something special here.

These pantyhose are outstandingly soft, shiny and awesome to the touch. The high quality of the fiber and the gently shaped heel make sure that the fit is indeed as good as it can possibly be. The seams used are all flat, and the panty hose feature a sheer to waist construction. There is a cotton gusset and the reinforcements are minimal.
The waist band of the tights features a superb touch: a Giorgio Armani logo. It's quite a pity really that one can't show off this part of the pantyhose.
Below the waist band there's a 2-inch wide reinforced area, below which the tights are perfectly sheer. This reinforced finger band has a nice figure-shaping effect on the wearer's body.
The makeup of the 40 DEN material used for these pantyhose is 94% nylon, 5% lycra and 1% cotton (the gusset).

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