Giorgio Armani 40 DEN high gloss pantyhose

Giorgio Armani 40 DEN High Gloss tights     I know what you’re thinking: does Giorgio Armani make pantyhose? Well yes and no. These Giorgio Armani 40 DEN High Gloss pantyhose are in fact made by Wolford, but they’re branded by Armani, which is great news because basically both brands are virtual guarantees of high quality.
Now then, these pantyhose are not exactly easy to find, but as everything else with Giorgio Armani in its name, they’re well worth picking up if you’re after high-end hosiery.

The packaging of the pantyhose is delightfully simple. Quality should be allowed to speak for itself and that’s exactly what the Giorgio Armani folks have achieved with this package: it’s simple yet it’s stylish and attention-grabbing at the same time. We loved it.
Inside the package, there’s a certificate of authenticity and the product on a simple card. The quality of the tights is obvious from the first glance you throw upon them. Once on the legs, they look (and feel) even better. The waistband carries a beautiful Giorgio Armani logo, and right away you find yourself wondering what a pity is that you can’t show this part of your tights off.
Below the waistband there’s a 5cm deep finger band. Other than that, the pantyhose feature a STW structure.
The seams are flat and there’s a cotton gusset. The toes are reinforced and the toe seams are delightfully flat as well. They pantyhose are slightly shaped at the heels.
If you find yourself thinking: these look and feel exactly like the Wolford Neon 40s, you’re right: they are Wolford Neon 40s under a different brand, so no they’re not made specifically by Giorgio Armani.

As said above, the Giorgio Armani High Gloss pantyhose feature a 40 DEN weight. The structure of the fiber is 94% nylon and 5% lycra, with the remaining 1% going into the crotch panel in the shape of cotton.
These are definitely NOT cheap pantyhose, but then again quality is never cheap and in this case the money is well worth the quality that you get for it.

The bottom line: high-end hosiery which more than lives up to its name even though it is not Giorgio Armani made after all. Well worth picking up even though they tend to be rather expensive. They’re also quite difficult to find, so you may want to pick them up even as collector’s items if you do find them.