Gerbe Desir pantyhose

Gerbe Desir Pantyhose     If you're looking for truly impressive-looking quality pantyhose, the Gerbe Desir pantyhose are definitely worth checking out. Be warned though: these tights don't come cheap. As soon as one gets her hands on the package it becomes obvious that it's not some type of a dime-a-dozen creation she's dealing with. The graphics on the package represent a pretty accurate depiction of what's awaiting inside. As the would-be wearer opens the package, the first impression that the pantyhose create is one of sheerness, softness and quality. These nylons come in 6 sizes: the first 4 are all about gradually increasing length. The last 2 are about width, clearly aimed at larger ladies.

The Gerbe Desir pantyhose feature 20 DEN material made with 90% nylon, 9% lycra and 1% silk (in the gusset). The seams are flat and the toes are reinforced, albeit invisibly, so if visible reinforced toes are your thing, these nylons will disappoint in that respect. Most of the time though, what customers are looking for is sandal toes, and these pantyhose have them.
There's nothing particularly special about the legs of the pantyhose. Their color is even and they do give off a slight gloss, enough to accentuate the curves of the wearer's legs, but not overly spectacular on the whole.
The panty area is an entirely different story though. The lace panty is impressively spectacular and the thong finish in the back likewise. The whole thing features a black floral design and it's topped off with a waistband which features a Gerbe signature. The thong effect is created in a rather ingenious manner: the panty part is styled shorter in the back than it is in the front. The intricate and well detailed panty means that these pantyhose should be worn without additional underwear. As far as hygiene goes, the silk gusset should take care of things.
Quite probably one of the best things about these pantyhose is that they're available in white too. If you happen to like white hosiery (and we positively love it) you will probably find the white Gerbe Desir pantyhose irresistible.