Gerbe Smoking Back Seam Pantyhose

Gerbe Smoking Back Seam Pantyhose     She who is looking for a stylish yet extremely provocative way to complement that little black dress will find these pantyhose extremely attractive, provided she can find a live or online hosiery shop that still stocks these beauties. Indeed, the Gerbe Smoking back seam pantyhose are one of a kind in just about every respect. We know, we know, the back seam thing has been done countless times in countless ways and it will definitely be done countless of times in the future, but these nylons still manage to retain their originality. The back-seam on them is unlike anything we have seen elsewhere, and the picture on the package – though stylish and chic in its own right – doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It makes perfect sense that these are in fact limited edition tights, so owning one is a true privilege indeed.

Being limited edition pantyhose, breaking open that package is probably not the wisest thing to do if you’re a pantyhose collector/connoisseur, but there’s no other way to get a better idea of what these tights really offer so here goes: as soon as you get them out of the package and run them over your hand, you’ll realize you’re dealing with hosiery excellence. The smooth texture and the overall alluring feel of the thin nylons is but a barely worthy introduction to how these tights will look and feel on your legs.
The gusset is a special number of its own: instead of cotton or a higher-DEN version of the nylon/lycra fabric the legs are made of, on these tights, the crotch panel is made of silk, adding to the exquisite feel of the ensemble.
The design is outstanding as well. There are two floral/tribal sort of designs right above the heel, which serve as the starting point for the wide, ribbon-like back seam. Make sure you only wear these pantyhose with pumps that show off this area, because it is indeed visually appealing. Wearing these with boots for instance would probably amount to travesty anyways.

The composition of the material is quite appealing too for she who knows a thing or two about her nylons: the 90% nylon content is what’s responsible for the above detailed silky feel, and the 9% lycra content takes care of the fit. 1% silk goes into the gusset.

These pantyhose may not be available in a wide range of colors or sizes, but if you do find them somewhere, you should probably pick them up as a collector’s item anyway. They do cost a little more than $22, so they may indeed be too expensive for everyday wearing.