Gerbe Fatal Tights

Gerbe Fatal Tights     Gerbe’s Fatal pantyhose may not be the cheapest tights you’ll ever pick up, but if you do happen to buy these nylons, at the end of your first day with them, you’ll fell like every single penny you spent on them was money well invested. These pantyhose are among the favorites for hosiery shoppers world-over, and we got first-hand knowledge of why that is the case.
These pantyhose are simply fantastic in just about every respect. If you have been reading our hosiery reviews for a while, by now you probably know too well which features and what sort of qualities we appreciate in our pantyhose. Well, these tights cover all our bases and some more.

To begin with, weighing in at 15 DEN, they’re extremely sheer. The fine, thin fabric looks great straight out of the package, and it looks and feels positively exhilarating on the legs. The compression is just right and the fit is wonderful. While we only took our pair on a short test-walk, some say they stay put and don’t sag even after 12 straight hours of wear. Now then, unless you sleep in your tights (which we do not recommend) you are simply not going to be wearing them longer at a single go.
Featuring a 91% nylon content, and 7% lycra, the fiber is just as shiny as we like it to be. The overall effect on the legs is breath taking indeed. I know what you’ll say: where is the remaining 2%? Well, that’s – wait for it – silk, and it goes into the gusset. That’s right, the Gerbe Fatal pantyhose come with a silk gusset!

To top everything off, these are not you plain sheers by any stretch: they feature a beautiful back seam which is – wait for it again - hand stitched! The seam runs the length of the leg and it ends up in a beautiful embroidered design just above the heels.
The toes are reinforced, however this feature is hardly visible: these tights would pass for sandal toe ones without any problems.

The panty area is of the STW variety and the comfortably deep waist-band features a nice Gerbe logo, which makes one feel regretful about not being able to actually show it off.

In conclusion: what exactly does one get for the €20.85 she’ll spend on these tights? I think there’s hardly any point in mentioning anything else besides the hand-stitched back-seam and the silk gusset!