Gerbe Cupidon Pantyhose

Gerbe Cupidon  pantyhose     If you’re looking for something that is classy and stylish, while mixing a little bit of quirkiness into your image, Gerbe’s Cupidon pantyhose are what you’re looking for. These pantyhose work well with just about any outfit, from the casual to the elegant, and they achieve everything a top-quality pair of high-end pantyhose should, while bringing a touch of playfulness to the table.
The Gerbe Cupidon tights are basically back seam pantyhose with a creative touch: the back-seam is made up of tiny hearts (hence the name "Cupidon").
Obviously, these pantyhose are awesome for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work their magic all year round. The hearts are not just playful, they’re extremely feminine too and they draw stares like few other styles out there.

The pair that we got the chance to try was grey: apparently, they’re also available in black. It featured excellent fit, and once in place it stayed there for pretty much the entire day. The 20 DEN material is fairly standard for patterned pantyhose. It is also warm enough for the winter/fall, while being cool enough for the spring. On the legs, the texture of the material evens out nicely. There may be a little bit of subtle sheen to them depending on how much light falls on them and from what angle, but overall I’d call these pantyhose matte.
The toes are reinforced and the panty area features a cotton-gusset. The construction of the fiber features a little bit of a twist: besides the 83% nylon and 12% lycra content, there’s also a 4% polyester component in addition to the 1% cotton which goes into the gusset.

The bottom line: at €14.5, these pantyhose deliver quality coupled with a welcome playful touch which lends them a youthful aura. There’s absolutely nothing we can bring up against them quality or fit-wise.