Gatta Sassi Pantyhose

Gatta Sassi Pantyhose     Before I start this review, I have to point it out that the Gatta's Sassi pantyhose do not exactly represent my favorite style. They aren't really sheer and shiny, except for the panty area, which is one of the most peculiar pieces of hosiery I have ever seen/had the pleasure of wearing. These tights are rather heavy too: the 40 DEN fiber makes a soft and rather luxurious covering for one's legs, for the colder days. Due to the 3D microfiber technology used in their construction, these tights stretch every way, and thus they fit perfectly indeed.

The pair that I've had the pleasure of reviewing was a size 4, in Nero-Grafit (which translates to a sort of elegant grey). The pattern on the legs is a sort of crochet, and while it does look good when stretched out, combined with the 40DEN fiber, it sort of makes one's legs look bulkier - though that may only be my impression. The truth is that once I put on some heels, my legs instantly got a more svelte appearance.

The package in which these nylons come, is well designed and it offers a great depiction of the product within. Once out of the package, the tights look sort of bland. On the legs though, they smooth out and blossom into the leg wear showcased on the package.

The toes are not reinforced: they're exactly the same as the rest of the material in the legs area. The waistband is comfortably wide and the panty area turns into this softly glistening, superbly fitting, very comfortable sort of base for the whole thing, once it slips into place. The crotch panel is made of slightly different material than the rest of the pantyhose, but it's not cotton.

Gatta Eve 8DEN pantyhose The bottom line: the Gatta Sassi pantyhose are luxurious and quality merchandize. The price on them (~$20) is decent as well. For the colder days, they represent a superb choice, especially in the color which we reviewed them. They're smart, stylish and feminine, yet smooth and heavy enough to make a practical barrier against the cold.