Gatta 40 DEN Silver Chic Pantyhose

Gatta 40 DEN Silver Chic Pantyhose     Gatta's Silver Chic 40 DEN pantyhose are another pair of winter tights included in the latest package we received from this hosiery maker. These pantyhose have undergone some serious testing with us, for a couple of months, including extended periods of wear and tear and several washes. We can only say that they look and feel the same now as they did when we first took them out of the package. Their 40 DEN weight is obviously instrumental in this regard, but the truth is that the model who did all the testing for us is also rather petite, which means that the tights were much bigger than what she usually wears. Interestingly, despite that fact, they still fit her perfectly, and that can probably be attributed to the high-tech 3D construction of the fabric.

Unlike some of the other pantyhose we received from Gatta, the Silver Chic doesn't feature any fancy patterns and graphics. It is plain, made of the same material of the same weight, from waist to toe. There's apparently a special, metallic silver fiber woven into the fabric, which gives it a sort of dewy appearance. It doesn't make it shiny at all though. The slight hint of sheen which appears when the tights are stretched out on the legs is due to the nylon content of the fiber and not to the silver yarn.

The seams at the toes are flat, and the crotch panel is made of the same material as the rest of the tights. The pair that we reviewed was size 4 European (large), but as said above, it fit a wide range of wearers, starting from the petite and going all the way to the unusually high. The waistband is surprisingly thin, and it is nothing more really than a fold-back of the material, forming a sort of thin hem. Despite that, it doesn't cut into the skin for some reason.

Gatta 40 DEN Silver Chic Pantyhose opened These nylons do a very good job of keeping the cold away from the skin of the wearer. Due to their thickness though, and to their insulation, they cannot really be worn in weather which passes as "warm" by any measure.

These tights aren't cheap at all, but they accomplish everything they're supposed to, and they accomplish it well. They are obviously of a high quality, so we have no qualms about saying that they're well worth the money.