Gaetano Cazzola Clio pantyhose

Gaetano Cazzola Clio Pantyhose     The Clio pantyhose from Gaetano Cazzola represent a true gem design-wise. The picture that you see attached does no justice to the beauty of these tights by any measure. What you’ll see on the package is a relatively simplistic black-on-black design which is reminiscent of the mock garter look. Mock garter nylons these aren’t though. The design of the lower leg appears to be made of slightly higher DEN material than the upper thigh-to-panty area, but in fact it’s the same 20 DEN structure. It features a nice floral design though and on the calves there are colorful flower-patterns which further add to the femininity of the ensemble.

The panty area is a true masterpiece in itself. It is indeed a shame that it will pretty much be out of sight, at least when decency regarding skirt-length is properly upheld. The panty area features a wide colorful ribbon which makes a stylish link between the various flower-pattern designs. The crotch panel is cotton-lined, and there are no reinforced toes.
As said above, the material of the Gaetano Cazzola Clio Pantyhose features a 20 DEN weight. It is made with 80% nylon, 5% polypropylene (which probably goes into the colorful flower design), 12% lycra (which gives it quite generous stretch) and 3% cotton (the gusset). It almost goes without saying that these tights feature flat seams.
The design is NOT a faux garter one. There are no suspenders and overall, these pantyhose don’t come off as mock garter ones.

The verdict: Gaetano Cazzola’s Clio Pantyhose manage to strike a perfect balance, walking the fine line between innovation and style. They’re definitely fashionable, but they’re also novelty-like.