Fogal Catwalk pantyhose

Fogal All Nude pantyhose     As far as 10-DEN weight range pantyhose go, Fogal’s Catwalk tights are quite possibly the very best. Their price is a true reflection of their quality too: they are by no means cheap. Like many of the other Fogal pantyhose, the Catwalk are surprisingly fine to the touch once you get them out of their package and almost right away, you get a sense of their strength as well.
The Fogal Catwalk pantyhose feature the same comfortable Fogal-branded waistband that adorns pretty much all the Fogal creations. This band comes augmented with an inch-deep finger band, which makes for a nice transition from the 10 DEN leg-material to the thicker waist-band. That transition is not only a visual one, it has a comfort-enhancing role as well.

Other than that, the pantyhose deliver the usual Fogal-style quality: the seams are flat, the gusset is lined and the legs are fully shaped. The toes are sheer sandal ones on these nylons too.

The material features a 60% nylon and 40% lycra composition, and once on the leg, it basically vanishes. The tights become like makeup for the legs, so the onlooker can see the color, but finds it hard to tell whether the wearer has pantyhose on or not. The texture is as even as it gets, but the feel of it is a little coarse. The special weaving technique and the quality of the fiber is responsible for the look as well as for the feel. The slight coarseness will prevent you from forgetting that you have pantyhose on, but otherwise, the Fogal Catwalk nylons are indeed barely noticeable.

Another thing that sets Fogal hosiery aside from the rest is the sizing. These pantyhose are supposedly of Swiss origin, and the sizing reflects that. There are the regular sizes and then there are those that come with an extra X. That extra letter marks sizes that offer extra room in the hip and the derriere. A word of caution: while the pantyhose may appear extremely short when you get them out of the package, do not be alarmed: they stretch out and they do fit the sizes they’re supposed to, with stretch to spare even.

These pantyhose cost around $40 (or more) but to someone who’s looking for excellence in hosiery, they’re well worth it. You can pick them up in the various Fogal boutiques or online, in one of the numerous online hosiery shops.