Fogal Caresse pantyhose

Fogal All Nude pantyhose     If you’re prepared to shell out $30-$40 on a pair of pantyhose, you may just acquire the best pantyhose you have ever had if you pick up the Fogal Caresse tights. Fogal are without a doubt one of the best pantyhose makers out there and with their Caresse nylons they hit the nail right on the head again. The first thing one notices about the Fogal Caresse pantyhose is how unusually fine their texture seems to be straight out of the package. The weird, yet sensual and extremely addictive touch is apparently due to a special weaving process, and the extremely fine fiber used.
These nylons embody quality from the waist to the toes: they feature a cozy-comfy waistband adorned with the Fogal logo. Again: when it comes to a waistband like this, we can’t help but feel sorry that one can’t display it somehow in an adequate and civilized manner.

The seams are flat and the crotch panel is lined. The legs are fully shaped and the toes are sandal toes rather than reinforced ones, which is a plus for many, although we here at aren’t particularly against reinforced toes to begin with.
The material features a flimsy 8 DEN weight, yet it is surprisingly strong – again, thanks to the special weaving technique used. The structure of the material is 64% nylon and 36% lycra. Like all Fogal pantyhose, the Caresse seem to be a little short out of the package, but their high lycra content allows them generous stretch, so there will be absolutely no problems with length. They are available in no fewer than 6 sizes, of which the L is the longest.

When it comes to color, making your mind up will be difficult with these tights because there are just too many choices: the Fogal Caresse come in noir, shadow, graphite, granit, midnight and mastice. In case you were wondering, these are all shades of grey.

Then there’s skin, nude, ivory, brasil, amboise, fauburg, taupe, capri, plage, blossom, charme and sable. We know you probably have no idea what some of these colors look like, especially on the legs. The best way to find it out is to actually take a look at the pantyhose you intend to buy before purchase, hopefully displayed on model legs.