Fogal All Nude pantyhose

Fogal All Nude pantyhose     One word of warning before we even get into Fogal hosiery: if you’re not ready to break open the piggybank when picking up these pantyhose, don’t bother reading on. Fogal are definitely one of the most expensive hosiery brands out there, but the truth of the matter is, through the quality that they produce, their tights and hosiery in general can become quite addictive.
One will have to cough up a considerable amount of money when purchasing Fogal pantyhose, and some of you will quite probably consider their prices downright outrageous. None of that changes the fact though that Fogal are quite probably the best hosiery makers in the world.

Now back to our All Nude Pantyhose: the package of these tights is stylishly simple. The package is extremely basic, yet all the important information regarding the product within is on display. Fogal pantyhose are supposedly meant to be sold not just to be bought, so with that in mind, don’t be shy to ask the sales representative about whatever you’d like to know about these pantyhose. If you pick them up at an official Fogal shop, they’ll be more than glad to help you out.

The Fogal All Nude pantyhose feature a T-top, a cotton gusset and genuine, un-reinforced sandal toes. After all, they’re meant to be ultra sheer and that means they feature a 10 DEN weight. The composition of the material is 75% nylon and 25% lycra, not considering the cotton which goes into the gusset. The legs are shaped at the heels and the soles feature small silicone inserts right where the ball of the foot of the wearer is when the pantyhose are on the legs. Wearing these pantyhose with sandals is therefore much more comfortable than a normal pair of ultra-sheers. The great thing about the silicone sole insert is that the wearer barely feels they’re under her feet, while the extra grip they provide is more than welcome indeed.

The sizing is a little peculiar as these tights tend to be a tad shorter than those of other makers in the same size-range. The high lycra content does offer a more than generous margin for error though, so sizing shouldn’t be a problem.
On the legs, the Fogal All Nude pantyhose look positively astonishing. You will find passers-by staring at your legs wondering whether you have pantyhose on or not.
The Fogal All Nudes are available in noir, plage and blossom.

The bottom line: these pantyhose are definitely of high quality, but at the prize of ~£25, they’d better be extremely durable as well.