Fiore Raula Pantyhose

fiore raula pantyhose     Keeping with the theme of ultra-shiny pantyhose, we managed to get our hands on a pair of Fiore's Raula tights. These pantyhose come in a pretty stylish package, the art on it is nice and it's an accurate herald of what's inside. The 40 DEN pantyhose are a little heavy, and for that reason we figured we wouldn't be nuts about them, but boy were we wrong. The pantyhose (40 DEN and all) were dreamy. Thanks to the high nylon content in the fiber, the material is smooth and slippery and it slides into place properly. When on the leg, it has such a nice even gloss, one wouldn't even believe she's dealing with 40 DEN hosiery.
The seams are flat, there's a T-bad reinforcement along the seams but other than that, that pantyhose are sheer to waist. The toes are re-enforced too, and here's the explanation for the 40 DEN weight: the yarns are double-covered for durability.

Made in Poland, Fiore's Raula features 87% nylon content. 11% is lycra, and the remaining 2% is cotton, but only on the larger sizes. Smaller sizes feature no crotch panel at all.
The Fiore logo on the hips is a nice and subtle touch. The tights are available is several colors, like white, plum, grey, cappuccino and black.
Due to its qualities and characteristics, the Raula pantyhose can be worn with leotards, shorts as well as stylish evening dresses. They will always make your legs look and glisten line a million bucks.
Cost-wise, they make the cut too: they shouldn't cost more than $10-12, which is a great price for such stylish, visually impressive, durable albeit not high-end hosiery.