Fiore Catrin Tights

Mondex 15 DEN  tight     Fiore’s Catrin pantyhose are by no means low-quality or shoddy in any way or form. Make no mistake about this: these are quality tights and they come at a more then reasonable price too. They feature flat seams, a cotton crotch and a nice panty area, which is only slightly reinforced. The toes are reinforced and the entire ensemble feels and quite possibly IS extremely sturdy. I’ve only picked them up recently and worn them a couple of times, pretty much only for the sake of this review and I’ll tell you why that was the case too: while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with donning such 40 DEN pantyhose at the onset of winter (as a matter of fact, it is quite recommended) these pantyhose just don’t suit my style.
I’ve found two major (for me that is) problems with them, and both are pretty disappointing as far as I’m concerned.

Problem #1: the graphics on the packaging. These pantyhose are apparently relatively high-shine ones according to the package picture (the pic I took is low-quality, it doesn’t do much justice to the actual graphics). They look shiny, black and sleek on the picture, but once you open up the package and get your hands on them, they’re everything but. They don’t feel silky at all, I’d say they’re more velvety. They are indeed soft and feel great on the legs, but there’s no sheen, and no silky slippery-ness. They’re plain matte brown pantyhose at the end of the day. They do feature a nice pattern on the side of the lower legs and their 85% nylon, 13% lycra and 2% cotton composition is every bit as helpful against the elements as intended.

Problem #2: sizing. I do know that I’m size IV European, and thus I obviously ordered size IV in this instance too. These pantyhose were just a bit too small though. That was extremely puzzling, because out of the 4 pairs of size IV Fiore pantyhose I’d ordered, one was extremely small, one was slightly small, one was right on, and the 4th was too big.

The bottom line: these pantyhose are great, it’s just that they mislead in several ways. At the end of the day, their price/quality ratio is more than decent, and as such, we can only recommend them against the early chill of winter. Good luck on getting the size right though.