Falke Sharon pantyhose

    Colored pantyhose is always a risky proposition, which is exactly why we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com are the advocates of tan, black and white pantyhose. That is not to say SOME styles don't look good in other colors. If you're looking to wear pink hosiery for instance, you can't go wrong with Falke's Sharon tights. These pantyhose are available in neon pink, neon purple and neon red, besides the more traditional black too. We don't know about the purple and red variants and we can only imagine what the black ones look like, but we got to try the neon pink ones and they have pretty much changed our view on colored fashion hosiery.

The Falke Sharon pantyhose feature a 20 DEN/40 DEN blend. The material features a 90% nylon, 3% polypropylene, 6% lycra and 1% cotton composition. Price-wise, the Falke Sharon pantyhose are among the cheapest in the movie-star hosiery line, though that doesn't mean they're cheap when compared to some of the budget brands.
The design of these pantyhose is rather uniquely eye-catching. There's a higher DEN area which starts pretty much where the garters would be if one wore stockings, and go all the way to the toes. There's a side-stripe down the length of the leg. The lower DEN area is separated from the higher DEN one by a white pinstripe. Due to the smart nature of the design, these pantyhose look quite a bit like mock-garter ones which have a stripe down the stocking area.

The toes are reinforced, and the heels are shaped. The cotton gusset is a must in hosiery belonging to this price-range.
The sizing of the Falke Sharon pantyhose is rather generous. The tights feature quite a bit of stretch too, so one can even afford to go for a size smaller than usual without risking to be stuck with ill-fitting nylons.
The verdict: as far as neon pink pantyhose go, Falke's Sharon pantyhose have got to be right up there with the best of them.