Falke Kelly pantyhose

Falke Kelly pantyhose     Another member of Falke's Hollywood movie-star inspired hosiery line, these Grace Kelly-themed pantyhose will certainly live up to whatever expectations one may have pinned on such expensive nylons.
The material used features 15 DEN weight and it is 90% nylon, 1% cotton and 9% lycra. The tights feature flat seams, a cotton gusset, a shaped heel and reinforced toes. In a word: the whole 9 yards of expensive fashion hosiery.

The real deal about these pantyhose is in their design though. These are faux-garter pantyhose, which means that they feature a design reminiscent of stockings and suspenders. There's also a tasteful back seam, made up of several small interconnected diamond-shape patterns running up the back of the leg of the wearer, all the way to the hold-up area which is also decorated with diamond-patterns. The panty area is well-defined too, although a tad simplistic. There are no French-lace patterns here, just a plain transition from the 15 DEN upper thighs to the higher weight panty area.

The patterns are well defined all over, therefore they remain nice and visible even when the material is subjected to extreme stretching. The package of the Falke Kelly Pantyhose is just as stylish yet stunningly simple as the design of the tights within.
Available in several colors, the best choice when it comes to such designs is always black, therefore we recommend that you pick black over other colors.
While expensive, the Falke Kelly Pantyhose are cheaper than the Falke Gardner hose we've already reviewed.

Being faux garter tights, the Falke Kelly pantyhose present the wearer with the eternal dilemma of the mock garters: such pantyhose can only be worn with skirts that hide the garter area. Considering though the sophistication of the appearance and the trouble the manufacturer goes through, the garters simply must be displayed…one can't do that however without appearing extremely cheap and such a faux pas is even more painful when it comes to these pantyhose, because cheap they're definitely not.

The sizing of the Falke Kelly pantyhose is extremely generous and the extra stretch allows borderline-size cases to go down a notch without any kind of problems.