Falke Gardner pantyhose

Falke Gardner pantyhose     Falke's hosiery-line named after various movie stars (to which the Falke Gardner pantyhose – named after Ava Gardner – belong) is definitely high end hosiery. The materials used for these tights are of an outstanding quality, the designs are not just spectacular but stylish too, and the look that these nylons create is a truly exquisite one.
The Falke Gardner Pantyhose are definitely not the average tights one will likely wear for the office. These nylons are for a night out, when you're aiming to impress through a look which emanates finesse and affluence on all levels.

The Falke Gardner pantyhose feature a sheer front (made of 15 DEN Material) and an opaque back (featuring 80 DEN nylon). The sheer front/opaque back separation runs the length of the legs. The transition from one area to another is marked by a nice lace pattern which makes for a gradual transition, while adding a leg-length patterned seam to the design. There is no particularly delimited panty area on these pantyhose, but that's just fine: the above described design structure runs all the way up to the waist band. There is of course a cotton crotch panel.
The makeup of the material is 85% nylon, 8% polypropylene, 6% lycra and 1% cotton (the gusset). The seams are flat all over and the heel (which falls into the opaque area) is shaped. The toes are reinforced.

The sizing of the Falke Gardner pantyhose is awesome and due to the generous stretch, smaller numbers will fit slightly larger wearers just as well. Though they are available in other colors too, out personal recommendation is that you should pick black when it comes to such pantyhose. You'll be doling out quite a bit of cash for them, but you need to know that you'll be getting your money's worth. The color of the pantyhose is wonderfully even all over and the feeling they give you once you put them on is quite unparalleled.
The verdict: luxury hosiery which costs a lot but delivers from the point of view of quality as well as design.