Donna Karan “The Nudes” Pantyhose

Donna Karan “The Nudes” Pantyhose     We’re always looking forward to reviewing US-made hosiery, but we’re going to have to disappoint you with this one: although Donna Karan is indeed a US brand, “The Nudes” pantyhose are not made in the US but rather in El Salvador. That however is not a minus when it comes to quality: as much as we hate to admit it, hosiery made in El Salvador is a lot like European hosiery, which means that it’s superior to US-made tights in just about every respect.
While most modern pantyhose are made of a material which features a nylon and lycra mixture, Donna Karan’s “The Nudes” is an exception. There are nylon fibers in these pantyhose as well as lycra ones, but in addition to them, a third type of yarn goes into the construction of the material: one featuring a nylon and lycra mix.

The packaging of the pantyhose is great. The graphics are stylish and all the information one would want to know about the pantyhose without unpacking them is there.
Once out of the package, the fact that you’re dealing with control top pantyhose becomes obvious. The contrast between the legs, which are extremely fine and light, and the heavy panty area is striking.
The panty area has a wonderful smoothing effect on the wearer’s derriere, and it doesn’t exert an uncomfortable amount of compression. All the seams are flat and there’s a cotton gusset – the sign of superior panty hose design. The waist-band is deep enough to provide comfort, but in the front and the back it overlaps a little, which creates a couple of uncomfortable bumps in the texture.

According to Donna Karan, these are the only pantyhose out there which ‘disappear’ once the wearer puts them on. You can forget about any such disappearing at least as far as the panty area is concerned, but the legs do indeed behave that way.
Due to the smoothing effect of the panty area, it is safe to wear these pantyhose without any kind of other underwear.
The composition of the material is 65% nylon, 35% lycra (and some cotton which goes into the gusset). The weight of the legs is a mere 7 DEN – they do indeed look like that all the way. The panty area features a much higher DEN obviously.
The sizing is a little peculiar. These nylons come in 4 sizes: two slim-fit ones and two large ones. The biggest size is called ‘tall’, but don’t let that fool you: that size is actually made for wider hips.

The bottom line: these pantyhose from Donna Karan are indeed high-quality ones, and except for a little coarse finish around the waist-band, there’s absolutely nothing negative we can say about them. At $20 a pair, they don’t come exactly cheap either.