Diamond Classic pantyhose

Diamond Classic Pantyhose     The Diamond Classic pantyhose are made by the same Romanian company that makes the Brilliant pantyhose we’ve already reviewed. Therefore one may not be able to find these pantyhose in shops anywhere in the US. Buying them online is a tad problematic too, because none of the major online hosiery shops seem to carry these tights.
The Diamond Classic pantyhose are basic everyday hosiery. They are rather cheap (reportedly, they cost around $4-5 a pair), and they are definitely low-end hosiery. They do offer a great quality to cost ratio though.

The material they’re made of features a 15 DEN weight. The composition of the fiber is 87.5% nylon and 12.5% lycra. These pantyhose are not meant to be shiny, but the big nylon content gives them a discreet sheen nonetheless. We would classify them as semi-matte.
The panty area is the classic boxer-style control top. The panty area is less shiny than the legs and it appears to be of a slightly higher DEN too. The waistband is a plain one that will cut into the waist of the wearer if the size is too small. The seams aren’t flat and the gusset isn’t made of cotton either. There is a gusset and it seems to be made of the same nylon/lycra blend as the rest of the pantyhose. Needless to say the legs aren’t shaped either and the toes are reinforced.

The main difference between the Diamond Classic pantyhose and the previously reviewed Diamond Brilliant is that the Classic are less shiny and that they generate more compression. Both tights are listed as 15 DEN ones, but due to the increased compression, the Diamond Classic seem to be heavier.

The Diamond Classic pantyhose appear rather sturdy, but we have been warned that they tend to develop ladders quite easily. Given the right size-choice though, we can attest that they’re rather durable.

The bottom line: the Diamond Classic aren’t mid-range or high-end nylons at any rate, but their cost creates a decent quality/cost balance.