Diamond Brilliant pantyhose

Diamond Brilliant Pantyhose     We’re not sure whether you can find these pantyhose in any shape or form in the US. They’re apparently made in Romania, by Adesgo SA, and they’re extremely cheap – or at least so we were told by the person who has sent us the samples. They cost around $3 a pair, but we’re quite sure if you were to purchase them here, the price would run higher. Buying them online doesn’t currently seem to be an option either, as aside from a few Romanian online hosiery shops, they’re not featured in any of the mainstream online hosiery ranges.

Anyway, on to the actual review: with the Diamond Brilliant pantyhose, we’re obviously dealing with low-end hosiery, hence the supposedly low price too. These pantyhose feature a 15 DEN weight, with 91% nylon content. The 9% lycra makes sure that they stretch and provide a snug fit.
The package isn’t fancy, but it makes it clear from the beginning that these are high-gloss pantyhose. The sizing chart on the package is European of course. According to the chart, the Brilliant pantyhose are available from European size I to size V (refer to our pantyhose size section to make heads and tails of EU sizes).
The material looks quite impressive straight out of the package. It is wrapped around a think paper card and it exhibits a striking, almost metallic gloss right away. It features a control-top, boxer-style panty area, which is matte, thus striking quite a contrast with the legs. The seams aren’t flat, and the legs aren’t shaped either. The toes are reinforced. The bigger sizes do feature a gusset, but it’s not a cotton or lined one, it’s just a piece of material which looks only slightly different from the rest of the panty part.

The fit is nice, and once on the legs, the sheen is awesome. One thing that we were warned about was that the superb gloss tends to fade with wear and tear. The pantyhose are supposedly quite frail too, they develop runs at the heels relatively quickly. As far as the compression goes: you will barely notice that you have them on.
The bottom line: these are obviously cheap everyday pantyhose. They do offer excellent sheen though, and that will enhance the curves of the legs without exception. They’re available in gazelle, noir, graphite and tan.