Couture Sheer Shine Pantyhose

Couture Sheer Shine Pantyhose     It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed shiny sheer pantyhose, so having picked up Couture’s Sheer Shine tights turned out to be a breath of fresh air, and a step away from the design-heavy hosiery we’ve lately focused on.
These pantyhose represent a "back to the basics" feel for us, and – although they didn’t exactly deliver the sheen and gloss we had been expecting – generally speaking, they did not let us down.

Part of the reason why we decided to pick these pantyhose as the object of our next review was the fact that they feature a 15 DEN weight. Another reason was that they’re sheer from top to bottom, featuring a superb comfort waistband and sheer toes. Indeed, the feeling of sheerness that these tights offer, encasing the wearer’s lower body in a flawless nylon sheath as comfortable as it could possibly get, is right up there with the best of the best.

The actual composition of the material has quite a bit to do with that too: the 86% nylon content is quite lavish indeed, with 12% lycra added for stretch and 2% cotton which goes into the comfort crotch panel.
Only sizes Small to Large feature such cotton gussets. The Extra Large version comes with a comfort back panel.

The quality that these tights uphold becomes obvious as soon as one gets them out of the package and runs them through her hands. The quality of the yarn is outstanding and the flat seams are said to be hand-finished. Whether that is indeed the case or not, we cannot tell for certain, what we can tell though is that there’s no room for complaints in this respect when it comes to the Couture Sheer Shine product.
One thing that we have noticed about them though and which doused some of our enthusiasm towards these pantyhose was the fact that the superb gloss only seemed to go about halfway up the thighs. Above that, the material seemed to warp into a much matter and duller version of itself. If worn with skirts, this is obviously not a problem, but it’s just something that will throw off a person buying these pantyhose for their sheen.
Couture’s Sheer Shine pantyhose are available in Cocoa and Smoke, of which we’ve tried the cocoa version and we can obviously recommend that, although the Smoke color has potential too.
At €10.25 a piece, these pantyhose are reasonably priced as far as we’re concerned. Despite that small sheen-issue, they do indeed deliver quality-wise in every respect.