Charnos Thong Brief Pantyhose

    Charnos' Thong Brief pantyhose represent a high-quality/high price-range option. The pantyhose do indeed look like high-end hosiery. As soon as you get your hands on the package, you realize you're dealing with something special here, and you instantly begin comparing it with similar range competing products.
Charnos' Thong brief Pantyhose feature a panty-part with a scalloped edge and with a 3 centimeter-wide waist-band which does do an excellent job at keeping the panty-part in place. The pantyhose look great as you get them out of the package, even though the course and matte finish of the legs may be a bit of a disappointment for those who like their hose somewhat shiny and as smooth to the touch as possible.
The 10 DEN fiber does feel light and fine, but the coarse finish ends up spoiling the overall experience.

Another quite disappointing thing about the Charnos Thong Brief tights is that the panty-part is merely a higher DEN knit reminiscent of cheaper nylons, rather than a satiny/silky addition that many a panty hose in the same price-range boast.
The other features are in line with what one would expect from $25 pantyhose: the flat seams, the shaped heel: everything is in place. The sandal toe is a nice addition too.
The material used for these tights contains 86% nylon, 16% lycra and 2% cotton (the gusset).
Are the Charnos thong brief pantyhose a high end product? They certainly are. Are they on par with the best the industry has to offer? Not quite. Can you do better for that king of money? You probably can.