Charnos Floral Net Pantyhose

charnos foral net pantyhose     So far, the reviews that we ran here at have been focused on shiny pantyhose only. It is time we took a plunge into the more sophisticated depths of pantyhose fashion, by taking a look at one of the most popular patterned pantyhose out there: Charnos' Floral Net pantyhose.

These nylons feature an extremely posh flower pattern on a net base. The pattern spells sophistication, and in the same time it adds length to the wearer's legs courtesy of it longitudinal structure.
Charnos Floral Net pantyhose are made with fiber which contains 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Due to their sleek and stylish design, they go well with a wide range of outfits. They're mainly recommended for fall/winter, due to their relative thickness and to their overall appearance.
From what we know, Charnos' Floral Net pantyhose are only available in black. These are not the cheapest pantyhose (and that's not necessarily a drawback), but at about $12, they're still a nice budget option.