Charnos Elegance Pantyhose

Charnos Elegance Pantyhose     Charnos’ Elegance tights are the definition of sheer elegance indeed. These pantyhose are simply awesome in so many ways, and we here at liked them so much, I hardly know where to begin.
First off, we love extremely sheer pantyhose and these are indeed as sheer as they could possibly get: they feature a 10 DEN weight in the fiber. Those who know what that means (and those who don’t should take a look at our "DEN explained" page) know just how fine and sheer that makes these nylons.
The construction of the fiber is 88% nylon and 10% lycra, with an added 2% cotton in the crotch panel. We love high nylon content, and the reason is that it usually makes tights shiny. Well the Charnos Elegance pantyhose are indeed shiny too, on top of being extremely sheer.
As far as technical specifications go, we can tell you these pantyhose feature flat seams and sandal toes, which obviously makes them perfect for wearing with open-toed footwear.

Now for our personal impressions: unlike some of the other products that we’ve reviewed and that didn’t look like much when taken out of the package, these pantyhose are superb, even before one puts them on. Their sheen/sheerness is obvious from the get-go. A tiny little drawback is the fact that their extreme sheerness makes them a tad fragile too, so one needs to be extra careful whenever she handles them. It would indeed be quite a shame to ruin them straight out of the package with a snagged fingernail.
Once one begins to put them on, the generous length in the legs proves to be a huge asset as well. I happen to possess very long legs and it often happens that pantyhose which are perfect in every other way, prove to be way too short for me. Well, that certainly can’t be said about the Charnos Elegance nylons.
Once on the legs, the texture is simply second to none. As far as I’m concerned, these tights have me sold already. The panty area is another huge mark in the "+" column: the tights feature a thong brief, which I personally happen to love and prefer over just about any of the other usual solutions. The legs are sheer all the way up to where the thong panty begins.
Charnos’ Elegance pantyhose are available in a wide range of sizes (from Small to Extra Large) and colors. The color palette covers 7 shades between black and light toast.

The bottom line: given that they cost only €6.15, the price/quality ratio of these tights is simply off the chart. We love them, we recommend them, and we think they represent a fabulous deal as well!