Charnos Betty Pantyhose

Charnos Betty Pantyhose     One will find it quite difficult to locate any useful information/reviews about Charnos’ Betty tights, and the reason is a rather simple one: these are definitely not everyday pantyhose by any stretch. Their cost positions them at the higher end of the quality spectrum, and so does everything else about them, but these pantyhose may not be that appealing to the masses regardless. They are for truly dedicated hosiery fans, and since we here at definitely qualify as just that, we feel we have been treated to a feast when we got the opportunity to test these superb nylons. The Charnos Betty tights also come in a limited edition, which is yet another explanation as to why they haven’t really broken any popularity records despite the exquisite look and feel they bring to the legs of the wearer.

With winter pretty much upon us, these pantyhose have suddenly become even more attractive than they would usually be: featuring a 60 DEN structure, the material is firm, yet not restrictively tight on the legs. As soon as one removes these tights from the package, it becomes obvious she’s dealing with something special here. The base material of the tights features an opaque finish, but it is in fact slightly shiny instead of dull matte. The pattern is obviously the centerpiece of the design. It is a filigree-printed floral lace design, which is glossy and indeed extremely attractive, due to the way it’s spread over the base layer. The toes are reinforced, and the panty is a boxer-style one with a cotton crotch panel. The seams are obviously flat.
The composition of the material used for the fiber in 90% nylon, 9% lycra and 1% cotton (which goes into the gusset). These pantyhose are available in black and in purple, of which we recommend the black version.

The bottom line: Charnos’ Betty pantyhose may cost around €20, but the customer certainly gets her money’s worth with them. They’re delightfully luxurious and sophisticated, and they efficiently compliment a wide range of outfits.