Cette Salta Fashion Pantyhose

Cette Salta Fashion Pantyhose     Cette’s Salta Fashion tights are among the best sellers at several online hosiery outlets for a good reason: these pantyhose feature an exclusive alien-like design, which compliments the legs of the wearer in several ways, creating a front seam as well as a back one while remaining stylishly and quite surprisingly simple. The power of these 20 DEN pantyhose is indeed all in the pattern, which can only be described as one made up of several directional chevrons, which form a V on the front of the leg, then swing up and down again for a similar V in the back. The seams don’t actually exist, they’re basically optical illusions created by the aligned bottoms of the Vs.

The design is so over-powering that it takes up all the attention of not only the onlooker but of the wearer too. These pantyhose are a sensory delight on the legs too though: they feel silky and offer a great "hosed-up" feeling which doesn’t exaggerate the encasement. They feature great stretch and the texture of the material is quite flawless as well.
The Cette Salta Fashion pantyhose feature reinforced toes and a cotton gusset, which together with the flat seams, represent the unmistakable marks of quality hosiery.
The makeup of the fiber used is 86% nylon and 13% lycra, with an added 1% cotton which goes into the gusset.
Cette’s Salta pantyhose are matte, and they’re not much to look at fresh out of the package, but once on the legs, they smooth out and slip into place and turn the legs into the focal points of envious and lustful stares everywhere.
They’re only available in black, which is a bit of a shame, because we could’ve well imagined them in white, or even in tan with black chevrons.

At €17.22, they are definitely not cheap, but they’re not cheap in any other way either. Featuring a great price/quality ratio, these nylons are a good investment for a stylish night out, or for just about every other elegant occasion.