Cette Dijon pantyhose

    The Cette Dijon pantyhose are truly remarkable: they’re different from the range we’ve so far reviewed at pantyhose-pantyhose.com from just about every angle. First of all: the packaging. We’re used to rating the package pantyhose come in too, as they’re usually the first to clue one in about the quality of the merchandize within. Well, the Cette Dijon pantyhose don’t even qualify for this sort of rating: three pairs of these nylons are stuffed into a plain box, and they only cost as much as a single pair of our usual range of hosiery. Is that a problem? No, not really, as long as the pantyhose within the package are up to our expectations.

The second thing that sets these pantyhose apart from the rest is that they’re 100% nylon tights. That’s right, there’s no lycra or cotton in these pantyhose whatsoever. For those who like vintage hosiery, that is good news of course. For those who go for quality and who are keen on pampering their legs with the latest technological innovations the hosiery industry has to offer, Cette’s Dijon are probably not that interesting. How do these pantyhose stretch then, you may ask…well, they do, thanks to a special knitting technique that allows the material to take up the shape of the wearer’s legs. Given the fact that the legs are unshaped at the heels, that feature comes in handy indeed.
The structure of the Cette Dijon is as simple as it gets. There are two straight legs below the boxer-style panty area. The toes are reinforced and they feature a run-stop where they’re joined with the main leg area. The fiber features a 20 DEN weight, so in that respect, these pantyhose are quite standard ones. The pantyhose are rather matte, so if you’re looking for shiny, look elsewhere.

The other extremely peculiar thing about the Cette Dijons is the fact that they’re only made from Medium size up. Therefore, none of the Dijon pantyhose feature standard gussets: they all come with comfort back panels.

The bottom line: these pantyhose are quite basic and the lack of lycra in their composition may turn some off, but at the end of the day, they do the job they’re supposed to, which is to dress up the wearer’s legs and to beautify them. They do come cheap and one can take one pair from the box and keep the other two in it, as backup hosiery. Despite their unsophisticated nature, the Cette Dijon pantyhose are well worth the money.