Cette Cannes pantyhose

Cette Cannes pantyhose     Part of the Cette Classic Collection, the Cannes pantyhose are rather special tights as well: they feature no lycra content either, but the special two-component fiber makes stretching possible for them. It is also true though that stretch is rather limited. Later editions claim that the 50% nylon/ 50% polyurethane composition is in fact 50% nylon and 50% lycra, but that seems to be an entirely different pantyhose, with more stretch and slightly cheaper.

These pantyhose feature a really nice package. Once out of the wrapper, they feel extremely weird to the touch, kind of like vintage hosiery. Once on the leg however the 9 DEN pantyhose look and feel awesome. They’re matte, so there’s no sheen distracting from the flawless, tan and even nature of the resulting surface.
The Cette Cannes pantyhose are STW (Sheer to Waist) and they feature sandal toes. The cotton gusset is right where is should be as well, although the body-seams are little disappointing in that they’re not actually flat. Given that these pantyhose tend to cost around $12-$14, flat seams would be well in order on them.
The Cette Cannes fit well into the summer pantyhose category, the coolness of the polyurethane is quite obvious in the ones that do not advertise the lycra mix on the package.

The bottom line: if you’re picking up these nylons, make sure to read the information displayed on the package: you do not want to get the ones with the lycra instead of the polyurethane ones or vice-versa. These pantyhose would be nice middle-range summer tights, but for that they tend to be a tad expensive. There are other makers out there that offer similar or even better quality and characteristics at a lower price.