Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala Pantyhose

Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala tight     Cecilia de Rafael's Uppsala pantyhose are a special breed of wet-look nylons, which one has to have a special taste for. Indeed, we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com like our pantyhose shiny, but these tights aren't your average shiny sheers. We also happen to love 80s style shiny nylon-lycra leggings, which is probably exactly why we have grown to truly appreciate these funky nylons.
Indeed, the Uppsala pantyhose look a lot like footed 80s style leggings, only the material is a lot finer and it exerts less pressure on the wearer's legs. The material features a relatively 'standard' composition of 80% nylon and 20% lycra (which is the same as the composition of 90% of the shiny leggings made during the 80s lycra-fever), and it is wonderfully glossy, hugging the legs and enhancing curves in a way no other pantyhose do. While the 80s style look is pretty much out, these pantyhose manage to distance themselves from it as on the legs, they look surprisingly modern, urban even.

They are opaque and they feature shaped legs (which is a must in order to prevent the premature thinning out of the nylon/lycra material at the heels). The toes aren't reinforced and they do feel a teeny-bit cumbersome. The tights feature a gusset made of the same material as the rest of the garment.
When it comes to this sort of material, once is inclined to think that black is a sort of default color for it, which is indeed the case. While the Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala pantyhose are available in several colors, this is no longer the 80s, so if you're looking for the 80s style color-palette you will be let down. Besides black, they're available in anthracite, brown, sapphire and amethyst too, all of which tend to be sober, darker, much more modern colors.

The cost of these pantyhose is $59.90, which is not cheap at all, but for nylon-lycra and hosiery enthusiasts they're a MUST, which is exactly the reason why we'll never regret picking them up. The quality and the feel that these tights generate on the legs are quite outstanding as well.
The verdict: while something of a niche product, Cecilia de Rafael's Uppsala tights are right on the mark and as far as we're concerned: they're well worth the money.