Cecilia de Rafael Panty Bra Pantyhose

Cecilia de Rafael Panty Bra tight     If you're looking for a pair of pantyhose that will push up your buttocks and generally have a lifting and shaping effect on your derriere, Cecilia de Rafael's Panty Bra tights are something you should definitely consider. Aside from the panty area, these tights are your regular 30 DEN, 80% nylon and 20% lycra pantyhose, with invisible sandal toes, a cotton gusset and a flat seams. There isn't really much to be said about them, until it comes to the boxer-style panty area where all the Spanx-like magic begins.

The waist-band is slightly deeper than an inch which makes it quite comfortable, and its extra elasticity is a nice prelude for what's right under it. The front part of the panty area features a V-shaped girdle, which is what we like to call the tummy-guard: it keeps the wearer's tummy tucked in and flat. Most of the panty area features higher-DEN, higher compression material, except for the bottom-cheeks: here the material is thinner and less pressure is exerted. The effect that this ensemble has is one of lifting and rounding, which is pretty much what every pantyhose-wearing female secretly or openly hopes for.
The effect is indeed quite visible it's not just an impression.
The transition of the panty-area into the lower-DEN leg portion is gradual, so there are no unsightly bulges where the two types of materials meet.

The leg part of the Panty Bra pantyhose is smooth and it feels great on the legs. The whole pantyhose feature a slightly shiny finish, which is a great plus in our book.

Color-wise, the options these tights offer are limited but enough nonetheless. They come in natural tan, black and brown. As far as sizing goes: it spans a wide-enough range to include everyone, even those with XL needs. The XL size features a special back panel.
The price is $21.99, which is more than reasonable for such a well-engineered pair of body-shaping pantyhose.