Calvin Klein Invisible Control pantyhose

Calvin Klein Invisible Control pantyhose     When one thinks about Calvin Klein, he/she thinks about quality clothing. Now, these pantyhose are almost certainly not manufactured by CK, and we're not in the know about who makes them, but you can be certain of the fact that if CK decide to slap their logo on them, they cannot be bad.
The word that first comes to mind in regards to these nylons is "basic". They do indeed look as basic as possible: there's just nothing special about them whatsoever, except for their quality. They feature a control top, but it's invisible, so the tights basically look like STWs. CK seem to claim that these pantyhose are the first ever invisible control top pantyhose, but it's arguable whether or not that is indeed the case. The bottom line is that the panty area is indeed invisible and therefore the pantyhose barely look or feel like control tops until one puts them on and everything slips into place.

The seams of the pantyhose are not flat. The legs feature a beautiful, even texture, without any sort of sheen. If you manage to pick up a color tone that perfectly matches your skin, people will barely notice you have nylons on, despite the 40 DEN weight of the fiber used.
The heels of the Calvin Klein Invisible Control pantyhose are shaped and they feature a cotton gusset – features we pretty much take for granted in high quality hosiery.
The legs feature plenty of stretch, which offers a little bit of flexibility size-wise.
The only thing that's special about these tights is the waistband which carries the CK logo.
The composition of the material is: 94% nylon, 6% lycra.
The price, though quite reasonable when compared to some of the hosiery we've already reviewed, is a bit high for our taste, especially when considering the basic nature of the product. Don't get us wrong though, as far as quality is concerned, these tights are impeccable so for most of you out there, the price will be more than justified.